The founder of LEL Cubic Furniture Sdn Bhd (LEL), has an extraordinary vision to lead the company. He has even worked at every distribution point from sales, packing, delivery and installation. His enthusiasm and passion toward service quality has made him a better leader indeed. In 2015, Wilson realised that there were limitations in the home lifestyle market and believed that with a team that had the right expertise, LEL could provide an optimal living experience through an ideal combination of taste and quality. Hence, the lifestyle furniture brand was founded - Cubic. The brand focuses on the furniture product range; from sofa, mattress, dining table, to bedroom set, offered in style and quality. The company also has key strategic partner brands such as Monte, Future, Slumberland, Vono, Goodnite, Mylatex and many others which have been growing along with LEL due to good relationships that it fosters.
Wilson Soon
The Cubic brand’s mission is to create an exceptional value for all customers through reliability, flexibility, integrity and speed. The brand strives to always stay innovative and creative to ensure all customers experience the warmth and comfortable relationship with the brand. This is in line with Wilson’s business philosophy to always believe and treat all customers with respect and trust. Cubic serves more than 3000 clients each year and now is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. A key leader of a team consisting of 40 elite employees, Wilson has led the brand to an exceptionally high growth rate by conducting more than 300 events and expanding the showrooms at four strategic locations in a short period of time.